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Albion® Minerals has led the world for over fifty-five years in the development and manufacture of amino acid chelates. The bioavailability of these products is without equal as Albion has continually held its Metalosate product range up to third party scrutiny, trials and research, thus ensuring that through the test of time, these unique patented products would remain at the leading edge of application and development.

Albion's chelation process attaches a single metal (mineral) ion with one or more organic compounds (ligands). The bonding of these individual ligands must be at two separate bonding sites on the mineral ion. This new organic molecule will have the ligand surrounding and protecting the central metal ion gripping it like a claw. The word chelate is derived from the Greek word ‘chele’ meaning “great claw of a lobster or other crustacean”.

plant-crosssectionMetalosate's proprietary, patented chelation process for mineral nutrients is critical to the successful assimilation and utilization by the plant. Albion's Metalosate products incorporate natural amino acids in their formulation giving them many benefits:

  • The chelated mineral nutrient has a neutral charge. When applied to the plants' leaf surface the nutrient is neither repelled nor locked onto the negatively charged surface of the leaf.

  • The physical size of the Metalosate mineral chelate molecule is very small; this is of particular benefit allowing it to pass through the surface of the leaf and into the cells of plant.

  • Distribution of 59Fe in Tomatoes from Three Forms of Iron
  • Water solubility is essential for absorption by plants; oxides, carbonates, most hydroxides and some sulphates cannot be absorbed by plants as they are not water soluble. Albion's Metalosate is water soluble.

  • Plants, as part of their physiology, have mechanisms which recognize the Metalosate organic amino acid chelate molecule as a source of protein or organic nitrogen, resulting in rapid absorption of the entire molecule. Albion’s research has proven that plants absorb 90% or more of the foliar applied Metalosate product within two to three hours of application.

  • Due to the benefits of this technology quite low rates of application are required to correct nutritional issues; this also reduces the risk of phytotoxic reactions by the plant.

  • Albion's molecule structure found in Metalosate products

Many claim chelation but only Albion Minerals continue to demonstrate a quantifiable patented chemical process. When it comes to amino acid chelates Albion has written the book!
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Metalosates give us the ability to adjust our nutrition program quickly and respond to seasonal changes to achieve the best yields.

– John Vella, Vella’s Fresh Produce


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